The Lovat Scouts

Raised in 1899 by Simon, Lord Lovat, mainly from Highland ghillies & stalkers. The plan was to use hillcraft to counter the same strengths of South African Boers. South Loch Ness was a major recruiting area for the unit in that conflict & 2 World Wars.

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  • Sir I am looking for information of my Father Richard Zachariah Macgillivray who served i was told in the Lovat Scouts in WW2 his Army number is
    Please can you revert if you have any information or can guide me in that direction

    Best Regards
    William Macgillivray

    • Hi William , we have no information on any individual soldiers , suggest you try Anchestry or Find My Past or Forces War Record or if he died in service the War Graves Commission web sites

    • William
      Where was your father from, from the Hebrides, the Islands or did he join as part of one of the English regiments. I have the picture of the Lovat Scouts in Balmoral in 1943 with the present Queen Elizabeth as a young girl.

  • Hi
    I’m trying to locate information concerning cpl 1079 J R Fraser
    He was awarded the TFEM medal in 1913 and was from kinlochbervie
    I think he then joined the Cameron’s in 1916 under number S30911
    Any information would be much appreciated (Dealing with)

  • Hi , my grand uncle was a Lovat Scout, he was unfortunately shot by a Boer sniper in 1900, he’s burried in Phillipolis S Africa , death date was 23rd Nov 1900. I’ve got a poem written by his Sergeant, and a painting of his grave by Captain Ellice Lovat Scouts. Any information on my grand uncle Kenneth Lockhart would be appreciated. He was a Skye man born and raised, but I understand he was working on a farm in Clarkson Lothians before joining up…. Thanks Alex (Dealt with)

  • I am pleased to see these photographs. My grandmothers brothers name was Alistair MacDonald I believe he was either a Sergeant or Captain of the Lovats and fought at El Alamein. He also taught commandos and others on the Faroe Isles. He married a Faroese woman called Mia and settled in Torshaven
    I would be grateful for any information or photographs of him if there is such a thing. Regatds

  • Hello, my name is David Alexander and I’m a retired Chief Master Sergeant from the USAF. I have a modest WW2 collection and my next display will be Private William Millin. I need which Regimental Crest he wore on his green beret and certain make of the beret. And also the insignia/patches and placement on the British Army Tunic (Pattern 40)
    Thank you for your time and cooperation, David Alexander

  • Dear Sirs
    Do you have any information in respect of Boer trackers used by Lovat scouts ?

  • My grandfather Calum Macdonald was in the Beauly 1st Lovat Scouts in the 1st WW, he was one of the fortunate ones to return, he ended up in Gallipoli, Egypt, Salonica and then the Western Front.

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