The village of Dores (from the Gaelic for “dark woods”) dates back 1,500 years to Saint Columba’s time.  Dores has one Mansion House Aldourie Castle, an Inn the Dores Inn , a Post Office and a local Public Hall.

To see a map of Dores in 1746 including Cumberlands camp at Dores click Here

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  • I would be very interested in the names of the three people standing on the path outside The Dores Inn, and if you know approx. the year the photo was taken?

    My great grandparents, John MacKenzie and his wife Christina Murdie, lived there from about 1881. Their nine children were all born there, the youngest in 1895.

  • Hi Annette, that looks like a pair of plus fours the gentleman is wearing. This would place the photograph in the 1920s at the earliest. The tailoring on the jacket worn by the lady on the right also suggests 20th century.
    As the family had moved to Gorthleck by 1890 (the youngest 4 boys being born there) I’m afraid it is unlikely to be John and Christina in the photo. However they were tenants of the Dores Inn for most of the 1880s so there may be records at the Inn – and possibly even photos. They were subsequently tenants of the stables at Lyne of Gorthleck so I assume this is the specific location of the birth of the 4 younger boys. It is up the hill from Dores on another road to Fort Augustus, on the banks of Loch Mhor – just a small hamlet.
    You could also check for Post Office pictures as John was back working as a postman by 1891. He was followed in that duty by sons William and then Edward once John began working for British Aluminium. The family moved to Glenlia (or Glenlea as it was at the time). Firstly in Greenside Cottage and then 61 Glenlia, with Duncan working as an assistant in a provisions store at the time of the 1911 census. Only Duncan and Edward were still at home by this date. Note the SLNHG has a picture of the supply stores at Foyers from 1910 in the gallery. Could the lad on the right of the picture be a 17-y-o Duncan? Difficult to guess the age from this photo but it could be.
    Sons John, William and Peter had all moved to Kinlochleven with British Aluminium (it opened fully by 1909) with the latter 2 then going on to Fort William (Inverlochy) when the new plant opened there. Mother Christina eventually moved to Inverlochy to live with William. I assume this was after John senior died, William also having lost his partner by that time.
    I am guessing Duncan is your direct ancestor as he moved to Australia. So whilst we may not have a picture of John and Christina we could have found an early picture of Duncan.

  • Hi my Great Grandparents were married in the wee Free Church in Dores my g.grandmother was Elizabeth Fraser came from Dores think she was a servant and her father a farm labourer. My g.grandfather James Cameron came from Loch end. He was a fireman and engine driver I believe he worked in logging. They moved north to Caithness and Thurso eventually to Wick where my Grandfather was born. Eventually they moved to Glasgow my g.grandparets g.aunt Isobella g.uncle Alexander and my grandfather James. There was another son Thomas who I think was born in Glasgow where my G.Grandfather then had a job with Clyde Port Authority as a crane driver.
    I visit Dores every time I am in the area and would love to know more about the place in the late 1800’s
    Thank you

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