The South Loch Ness Heritage Group

The Group was set up in 2003 with the following objectives:

horse and cart

  • To research, promote and safeguard the heritage of the South Loch Ness Area.
  • In particular, to create an archive of the Area, and to collate material for publication, exhibition and education.

Due to the rate of change these objectives have never been so important, or, with the technology now available, so attainable.

Our area is rich with a history and natural history second to none within Scotland. To some degree, both are under threat.

The Area

There are similar Groups in Strathnairn and in Fort Augustus. We hope to fill in the gap by covering the Heritage of Stratherrick, Strath Dores and the south side of Loch Ness, extending through Dores to Scaniport and Cullaird. Intentions It is early days yet, but the following ideas are being taken forward: Create “rolling” mini-exhibitions in public places, such as schools, pubs and halls, to stimulate interest and discussion. These can be as simple as two or three photographs or artefacts, but can be changed regularly. Organise meetings with speakers and/or themes according to demand.

The Web Site

Over the coming months we hope to expand it greatly, with pages on a variety of topics, a selection of pictures old and new, and perhaps some sort of forum where peoples’ contributions can be published. Please be patient – this will not happen overnight! The creation of the web site is an important step. Apart from being of interest to those living in the South Loch Ness area, we hope, through the site, to contact “expatriates”, or those whose ancestors left this region at any time over the last three hundred years. Does your family history mention Stratherrick, Gorthleck, Whitebridge, Errogie, Foyers, Dores, Boleskine, or any place-name on the South Loch Ness Map? Is your name Fraser, Grant, MacGillivray, MacGruer or MacTavish? These are some of the names of the old families of this area.


We would be delighted to hear from anyone who thinks they may have associations with South Loch Ness – you may have information of interest to us, and we may well be able to reciprocate. Descendents of Stratherrick folk are scattered worldwide, from Darien to Dunedin, Alberta to Adelaide, and through this link we may, for example, be able to send you photographs of your ancestors” homes.


At the moment three Public Meeting take place a year, two with guest speakers talking on various subjects from schools to wildlife. Whilst the third in the last couple of years have been a two day exhibition. In 2018 it was “Things We Used To Use”, and in 2019 “Trees and Forests of South Loch Ness” .  Out of a very small population, we have had turnouts of between 30 and 100, which is very encouraging, and we see these meetings as being an important part of the Group’s activities.

Latest News

New booklet “South Loch Ness” The South Loch Ness Heritage Group has produced a stunning new full colour 44 page booklet covering the south side of Loch Ness from Dores to Whitebridge. The contents include Wildlife Nature, Peoples Past, The Coming of the Kirk, Wade Telford, Transport, Sports, People the Land and Forestry. In addition there are 4 pages for each of the main villages; Dores, Inverfarigaig, Foyers, Gorthleck and Whitebridge with detailed maps showing the locations of places of interest and also suggested walking routes.