The recording of Boleskine Burial Ground was started by Heritage Group volunteers led by Frank Ellam around 2006. The newer part of the graveyard was recorded and a few of the stones in the older part was also done, prior to Frank leaving the area around 2015. In April 2019, Heritage Group Committee members Duncan Cameron and Alister Chisholm along with Allison Cameron and David Smith decided to restart the recording of the graveyard again.   With Frank’ earlier recordings available, we continued following the same format as before with slight amendments.  The original  graveyard layout plan and the memorial recording spreadsheet was checked  to ensure there had not been any interments  since Franks groups had stopped doing the work. The work recording the memorials now began as well as the upright gravestones, the buried flat gravestones location and details were also recorded. To find the buried flat grave stones a stick with a metal spike in it was used  to prod the ground, when you found an anomaly bigger than a small stone you carefully cut the turf outline of the object and rolled back the turf to expose the flat stone. The location and details are then recorded and the turf carefully placed back on them to preserve them. On some flat stones the roots of the turf fill up the lettering on the stone, so you can read the information on the stone from the turf, albeit backwards.  Graveyard recording progressed over the rest of 2019 with some help also from other Heritage committee members, but with the outbreak of COVID in early 2020 put the project in ambiance once again. We only managed one day recording on site in 2021 due to further COVID restrictions.  In 2022 we received an offer  from Lifescan (Scotland), a manufacturing firm in Inverness, to give CSR assistance in recording the Boleskine Burial Ground.  Lifescan is dedicated in its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) regarding their work with local communities, the graveyard recording project filled all the criteria necessary for CSR assistance.  We hosted five CSR days at the graveyard during August and September with between four to eight people each day.  They were put into teams of two or three dependant on work needing done, which included searching and uncovering flat stones, recording the inscription on the upright stones and final checking of previous recorded stones to ensure that the details were 100% right.   Every one of the Lifescan employees were very enthusiastic and diligent about the project, some coming back on their own time to assist on another day.  It was through that concerted effort that we were able to complete the recording of the graveyard this year. With the completion of the recording of the graveyard. we are now able to take enquiries from the public regarding interments. There will be a cost for this which will be split between the Heritage group and a fund which we will use for maintenance and upkeep of the buildings and surroundings within the cemetery.    For the initial enquiry to see if your ancestor is interred in Boleskine, there will be a search fee of £2 an name. We will require payment with request, which should include person’s name and as much info on them as possible,   ie year of birth or death, possible place where stayed and spouse or parent’s names. If successful, we will send you for a further fee of £6 a picture of the memorial along with a verified inscription on memorial.

Please send your request via the comment box at the bottom of page and we will respond back to you ASAP

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  • Hi,

    Like many others I am interested in tracing my family tree, and would like to know if any of my ancestors were buried at Boleskine.
    The information so far relates to my maternal grandmother whose ancestors can be traced back to my GGGrandmother Isabella Fraser born 8/8/1859 in Boleskine and died 28/10/1927 in Glasgow. Her parent may have been Catherine Fraser born abt 1826 in Dores and died 4/6/1883 and Simon Fraser born abt 1826 in Inverness (married 25/4/1848) and died on 28/5/1915. Further back there looks to be a connection with Donald Fraser born abt 1786 in Boleskine , died 2/4/1846
    and Catherine MacGregor born abt 1796 and died in Dores 14/12/1866. I would be really interested in there is any connection to Boleskine Graveyard. I am happy to pay any required fee for your search. Just let me know how to do this. Thanks in advance. (Dealt with )

  • We believe my wife’s ancestor is buried in the Boleskine Cemetery. The name of my wife’s ancestor is Isabella Dunbar McTavish. She was born in 1781 and died Feb 13 1855. Do you have a record or photograph of her grave marker or tombstone? Also, can you provide a map with location where she is buried in the cemetery? We plan to visit the Boleskine area later this year and would like to see the site. Dealt With)

    Best Regards,
    Dan Carroll

  • I would be interested in learning if there is a marker stone of my great grand-parents and uncles/aunt who are buried in Boleskine Cemetery. They are buried within 4 layers – 267, 268, 269 and 270. We know tht there is a concrete marker stone with each number on it. The names of the interred are as follows:- Duncan Chisholm 29/08/1912; Catherine Chisholm 06/11/1917; Duncan Chisholm 23/09/1943; Catherine Chisholm 05/11/1947; Angus Chisholm 13/08/1955; Alexander Chisholm 09/09/1960. If you require any further info please get in touch with me at the below email.(Dealt with)

  • Hi, my name is John MacDonald who left foyers in 1951 and now live in Australia. I have just returned back here after being in Inverness and Foyers. However, my father,(Jock the grave digger) as he was known, was the caretaker of Boleskine Cemetery for 18years before we left for Australia. He was also caretaker for Boleskine house when it was owned by the Fulerton’s in the late 40’s early 50’s. I also have my grandparents buried there and were a Tucker family who used to live in the tin house since replaced by a newer house which used to be called Ness View. (not Ness View next to the Police house) the next house back from the road. I have some old photos taken in and around the grave yard.
    Anyone interested, please get in touch. I am in the Foyers School photos around 1949-51and known as Tojo.

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