The MacGillivary Photo Collection

The MacGillivray family were from at least the late eighteen fifties staying in the farm at North Lyne Gorthleck, having come there from Balnain near Balnabeeran, Torness  . William who took over North Lyne farm had nine of a family,   two of whom Donald and William went into the retail trade. The house known locally as Loch Mhor Stores, Lyne of Gorthleck was built around 1820 by Evan Barron (one of the Inverness Courier family) and run as a general merchants and Post Office.  Around 1870 it was sold to Donald Cameron when he came to Stratherrick from Islay.

Lyne of Gorthleck at the later end of the nineteen century was possible the commercial centre of Gorthleck, in 1883  there was the Post Office and General stores run by Donald Cameron, along the road westward at Laracks a general grocer store run by Ewen Fraser .  Donald MacGillivray in 1886 took over the mail contract between Inverness to Whitebridge. By that year an Alex Fraser had opened up another shop at Moorland Cottage, Lyne below the road from Donald Cameron’s making it three shops in close proximity .

By 1896 Donald MacGillivray as well as leasing a shop in 58 Denny Street Inverness, also had taken over Donald Camerons shop (Loch Mhor Stores ) at Lyne .    Two years later Donald married Barbara Cameron daughter of Donald Cameron. Barbara was one of the Nightingale nurses having trained in St Thomas Hospital London following her marriage she performed nursing duties in Stratherrick, prior to the district nurse service starting. Donald and Barbara had five of a family, Meena, Helen, John, Donald and Angus. In 1898 Donald installed his older brother William as his tenant in the lease of the shop at Gorthleck. William previously had run the shop in Denny Street prior to Donald .   By 1900 William had taken over the lease of Moorland Cottage and Shop (now called Economic Stores) from Alex Fraser  and  Donald moved back into  Loch Mhor Stores, so the two brothers had both shops in the area as Ewen Fraser shop had closed some years previously .  This situation continued up to 1912 till William MacGillivray  died and then       his wife Mary took over the running of the shop till it burnt down some time around 1916. Donald meantime whilst continuing with the Shop and mail contract had introduced a passenger bus to Inverness, tried to turn the house unsuccessfully into a licensed hotel though it continued as a Guest house.  Donald also introduced a mobile shop to the district long before traveling shops became a feature of the country scene, installed a petrol pump, took over the family farm at North Lyne and for a period was awarded the local Hearse contract .  In nineteen thirty three Donald died and the business was taken over by his youngest son Angus , by this time it was a general merchants and grocers , the Post Office and mail  & hearse  contract along with  passenger bus  were no longer part of the family business.

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