Braxie Ball Committee c1977
The Braxie Ball was an annual ticked event held around October in Stratherrick Hall , its function was to raise funds for things like the OAP Xmas lunch , children’s Xmas parties ect. The event was eagerly anticipated , and locals now domiciled in other areas would make their way back home for ball to renew old friendships . It lasted about 3 years and the band playing were the Wallochmor Ceilidh Band one of the top Scottish dance bands around that time. Committee Back L-R Allan Hards (Foyers Policeman), Donald Forbes (Foyers Mains), Alistiar Stewart (Dell “The Silver Fox”). Middle L-R: Donald Macgruir (Lochgarthside), Wulstan Macpherson (Killiechiolum), Joe Brown (Torness), Ian Macaskle ( Ardochy), Dougie Bailie (Whitebridge Hotel). Front Paddy Murray (Foyers), Sandy Carr (Corriegarth), Alex Prentice(Compass). Photograph courtesy of John Murray

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