South Loch Ness Heritage Group

Public Meeting at Wildside on Tuesday 27th September 2022

Alister Chisholm gave an illustrated talk to an audience of around 25 people, on the subject of his researches in to the background of those named on the Stratherrick War Memorial from both World Wars. This research was the basis for the publication of his book, “Lest You Forget” which was launched in December last year.

Alister focussed on a few individual men to show how his work had uncovered interesting facts about them, which even their descendants were unaware of. His searches also unearthed previously unknown photographs, which in some cases showed more than one person named on the memorial and expanded the family history in these instances.

In the case of an airman killed in WW2, whose name had been missed off the memorial. Alister has arranged for it to be added, with the thanks of his surviving, elderly daughters.

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