The Group’s next event will certainly be something to enjoy – an illustrated talk by local historian and author James Miller on the history and development of Highland transport links, under the title of his latest book, The Great North Road. James is an accomplished writer, and other titles by him include The Dam Builders, Salt in the Blood, Wild and Open Sea and Scapa. As usual, the event will take place in Stratherrick Hall, Gorthleck, and will be at 7.30pm on Tuesday 15th October 2019.

Annual General Meeting: Preceding James’s talk there will be a very brief AGM of the Heritage Group.


I congratulate you on your website & the wonderful historic work you are undertaking.  I have been to the area on 2 occasions: in 1995 and again last August.

A couple of locals seemed to think that at one time there was a baker named Burnett in the area.

On this visit I specifically looked for where the farming properties may have been where my 4Xg grandfather Alexander Burnett and his family farmed:  Ballangan (farm area at time of death),‘Ballichirnock’ (1861 census- 40 acres),and Culduthel (where he died).  From my search I’m inclined to think that the first 2 places were near Fargaig, and Culduthel further north towards Inverness.  Also on the Linton gravestone Leadolurs.

All these 3 families originated in the Borders: Ettrick, Yarrow, Selkirk, and Ashkirk areas. By 1830 Alexander Burnett (& Helen Stoddart & young family) was a shepherd in the Loch Broom area. Continue reading