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Commemorating and recording the impact of the First World War on South Loch Ness Commemorating and recording the impact of the FirstWorld War on South Loch Ness In the centenary year of the start of the First WorldWar, the Heritage Group would like to do something to remember, research and record the ways in which the war affected South Loch Ness and those living in the area. Alister Chisholm 01463 715713 alister.chisholm@btinternet.com would be very pleased to have any suggestions as to how such a project could be tackled. Please get in touch with him with any ideas.

Our next event, on Tuesday 21st March 2017 at 7.30pm in Stratherrick Hall, Gorthleck, will be an illustrated presentation by Sandy Ross on the geomorphology, or landscape origins, of the site of Inverness – the land that the city is built on.   Sandy, retired Head of Geography at Millburn Academy in Inverness, is a real enthusiast for his subject.   If you’ve ever wondered why some parts of Inverness, like the Longman, are as flat as a pancake, while others are so steep as to need steps like Raining’s Stairs, or why Tomnahurich suddenly rears out of a flat plain, or how the Ness Islands were formed, this will be your chance to find out!

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