The Heritage Group’s next event will be at Stratherrick Hall on Tuesday 23rd April at 7.30 pm.   Dr Iain Robertson of the UHI Centre for History will give us a presentation on the impact of the First World War on land tenure in the Highlands.   His scope will be broad; he will describe the traditional, historic relationship between Highlanders and the land, leading then to the tensions that precipitated the land raids of the 19th century.  The main aspect of his subject will be the way the war then expedited and extended the provision of land for the Highland population, with the topic being finally brought right up to date with the modern community buy-out movement.   This promises to be a really interesting talk on something most people have little detailed knowledge of, but which helps to explain why land tenure in the Highlands continues to be a major issue.

Iain’s presentation will be preceded by a brief AGM of the Wade Bridge of Whitebridge Trust.

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