Our Annual General Meeting is at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 6th November in Stratherrick Hall, Gorthleck.   As always, we hope to keep it short, but this year it is of crucial importance.   To continue, the Group is looking for a Chair, Secretary and, if possible, a Treasurer, as well as new Committee Members.   The Heritage Group cannot have a future without these.   Please contact the current Chair (alan@tramstop.org) if you’re interested in volunteering for the committee, or can suggest someone who might be interested.

Following the AGM, Maureen Kenyon will give a talk entitled Local Women and the Great War.   She will describe the lives and actions of Inverness women involved in the Suffragette movement, as a celebration of the centenary of the introduction of limited voting rights for women.  This should be a fascinating view of the early stages of women’s emancipation at a local level, something that probably few of us know much about.

This will be an important evening for the Heritage Group, and we hope to see you there.

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